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Beckett, the industry leader in condensate/waste water removal, offers a complete list of condensate removal pumps for heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration applications.

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CB15 & CB20 Series

Beckett’s family of medium condensate pumps are designed to meet or exceed your toughest job demands, including high efficiency gas furnaces. This pump is engineered to be user friendly with features like a more reliable micro switch and the ability to mount the pump from either side. It features a larger replaceable Duck-Bill check valve design and convenient discharge with both 3/8” O.D. barb and 1/4” MNPT threads.

CB50 Series

Beckett’s heavy-duty pump series is capable of handling all your industrial applications. It’s robust design promotes a more efficient, quieter operation while maintaining product durability. The pump comes with a built-in safety switch, a one gallon tank, replaceable check valve and a pre-wired terminal block. Available in 115V, 230V, and 460V models. All pumps are UL/CUL listed.

CP65 Series

Beckett’s heavy-duty pump series is capable of handling all your high lift industrial applications. It’s robust design promotes a more efficient, quieter operation while maintaining product durability. Ideal solution for high lift installations up to 65’ lift. Rated for condensate applications with water temperature up to 212° F. Reliable two float design. Hard wired terminal block for professional installation. All pumps are UL/CUL listed.


Beckett’s CB12 size allows easy accessible installation, minimum service with consistent reliability for all your small condensate removal needs. Usable in both the standard HVAC and mini-split markets, this compact pump is uniquely designed to be quiet and can be placed inside the air conditioner, within a ceiling compartment or wall mounted unit. Dual mounting slots on the tank allow for multi-directional placement applications.

CL20 Series

Beckett’s compact CL20 has a low profile design that can be used in applications where space is limited. This unit is capable of handling high acidity condensation. The shut off height for the CL20 is 20 ft. This model features high impact ABS tank and a flame retardant plastic cover. Inlets are provided on each end of the tank cover.

Plenum Rated CL20

Low profile condensate pump that is UL tested to UL2043 for Plenum applications.

Rated for water temperature up to 140° F. Includes motor thermal protection, safety switch,

check valve and 6 ft power leads with UR rated conduit elbow.

CB22 & CB25 Series

Beckett’s family of large condensate pumps are ideal for higher volume standard condensate removal application. Each pump operates quietly, efficiently and offers such features as a built-in safety switch and a one gallon tank. All pumps are UL/CUL listed.

MS60 Series

Beckett’s Mini Condensate pump is the perfect solution for Mini Split systems up to 36,000 BTU. It features a max lift of 65' along with a max suction lift of 12.9' which allows it to be installed in out of the way locations. It comes with a vibration/sound isolation mounting pad and semi clear condensate reservoir to easily see if maintenance is required. The reservoir features a reliable reed switch with a 5' power cord. No kink silicone discharge tubing (5' - 1/4" ID) is also included. Rated for water temps 41°F - 140°F, 50% duty cycle.

IPC13A Series

Beckett’s IPC13A is a totally submersible pump with a built-in, hermetically sealed, pressure activated switch. The pump operates automatically when the water level reaches approximately 1.7 in. and turns off at 0.9 in. Because it is totally submersible this pump may be used in ANY application where automatic control and dependability are required. The compact size, along with high lift and quiet operation of the 13A are well suited for a whole range of consumer and O.E.M. requirements, including condensation removal.

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U.S. and Canada UL Listed
U.S. and Canada UL Listed
U.S. and Canada UL Listed
U.S. and Canada UL Listed
U.S. and Canada UL Listed
U.S. and Canada UL Listed
U.S. and Canada UL Listed
U.S. and Canada UL Listed

Parts Washer Pump

Beckett's GP Series Parts Washer Pumps are ideal for most solvent or aqueous parts washer solutions. They feature a piton shaft seal and a threaded cord exit for mounting to a parts washer conduit. We offer 2 sizes in 115V and 230V.

Direct Drive Pumps

Beckett’s submersible pump line offers top of the line epoxy encapsulated (not oil filled) design to meet all your continuous duty requirements. They are low maintenance, environmentally safe, and can be used in a variety of industrial applications. Each pump features a heavy-duty motor for maximum output and reliability. GR models have a rotating discharge and a flow control valve for maximum flexibility.

Bottom Intake Direct Drive Pump

Beckett’s unique bottom intake G325A6 pump handles continuous duty low water applications with ease. It can pump water as shallow as 0.13”. It features our proven direct drive design that is not oil filled along with a low maintenance high torque motor. This model is ideal for a variety of Industrial applications.

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U.S. and Canada UL Listed
-UL recognized component
U.S. and Canada UL Listed

OEM & Miscellaneous

OEM/Custom Pump Design

For all your custom applications, let Beckett utilize our design and manufacturing expertise to quickly develop a custom product for your business or modify an existing one to fit your specific application.

Universal Ice Machine Replacement Pump

Beckett’s ice machine replacement pump meets or exceeds the rigid specifications of original equipment manufacturers. This pump is driven by a thermally protected motor that features dual bearings and a stainless steel shaft. Our BRPAP1 is an all purpose replacement pump that features a dual voltage motor, 5 discharge adapters and 4 impellers — a must-have for every service truck. This pump can be used in the majority of commercial ice makers, such as: Crystal Tips, Ice-O-Matic, Scotsman, Manitowoc, Ross Temp, Carrier, and York.

Safety Control Switch

Beckett’s easy to use float actuated switch provides a reliable means to safely monitor high water levels. The switch may be wired directly to the system to turn off the air conditioner or furnace equipment, or it can be wired to sound an alarm if the water level becomes to high.

Check Valve Assemblies

CU7 is the replaceable check valve for CU35, CU45 and CU55. Durable Brass check valve for 3/8 in. tube x 3/8 in. tube compression fitting.

CU8 is the replaceable check valve for CU14, CU19 and CU40. Durable Brass check valve for 1/4 in. MNPT x 3/8 in. tube compression fitting.

RP50 is the replaceable check valve for CB25’s and CB50’s. The unique basket design imparts much quieter operation in noise sensitive areas. All brass construction with copper adapters for 3/8 in. and 1/2 in. tubing.

CRP1520A is the replaceable check valve kit for: CB15, CB20 and CL20. A modern duck-bill design with barbs for 3/8 in. I.D. tubing and 1/4 in. MNPT threads.

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